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 Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Chapter 1   03/11/08, 08:45 pm

The Study of Life

Biologists study life in all its forms.

Main Ideas:
-Earth is home to an incredable diversity of life
-All organisms share certain characteristics

Unifying Themes of Biology

Unifying themes connect concepts frommany fields of biology.

Main Ideas:
-All levels of life have systems of related parts
-Structure and functionare related in Biology
-Organisms must maintain homeostasis to survive in diverse environments
-Evolution explains the unity and diversity of life

Scientific Thinking and Process

Science is a way of thinking, questioning, and gathering evidence.

Main Ideas:
- Like all science, biology is a process of inquiry.
- Biologist use experiments to test hypotheses.
-A theory explains a wide range of observations.

Biologists' Tools and Technology

Technology continuallly changes the way biologists work.

Main Ideas:
-Imaging technologies provide new views of life.
-Complex systems are modeled on computers
-The tools of molecular genetics give rise to new biological studies.

Biology and Your Future

Understanding biology can help you make informed decisions.

Main Ideas:
-Your health and the health of the environment depend on your knowledge of biology.
-Biotechnology offers greatw promise but also raises many issues.
-Biology presents many unanswered questions
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Chapter 1
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